Do you want a High-tech Bowling Ramp that really works and is far superior
to any bowling ramp on the market today? Finely crafted and scientifically engineered.  

Exclusive Features

  • Suited for those in a wheel chair standing or sitting
  • Only ramp with vinyl tubing for faster ball delivery
  • Main support made of unbreakable P.V.C. tubing
  • Adjustable nylon screws for ball tension release
  • All ramps are custom made and pre-tested 
  • Folds up completely, with a locking system
  • No ramp movement, shifting or vibrations
  • Carrying handle for easier transporting
  • Ball guide line on top of ramp
  • Only known front adjustable guide
  • Operational instructions on ramp and in ramp handle
  • Quick adjustable legs 26" to 33"
  • Individualized name I.D. plate
  • Unbreakable vinyl cap ends
  • 7/8" steel tubing, not ½"
  • No maintenance required
  • No welded parts to break
  • Fits into most car trunks
  • Smooth ball release
  • A wide 24" leg span
  • Self-supporting unit
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Non-skid leg tips
  • New step plate
  • Hands free ball placement at top of ramp
  • Built-in level

Dun Number